May 29, 2023
White Glove Delivery

What Is A White Glove Delivery Service?

What does a White Glove service entail.

Nowadays, we all live in a fast paced world. Most people are seeking convenient ways in their everyday life to speed up different processes and home delivery services do just that. White Glove Delivery is a premium carrier service, whether someone is needing help moving house, worried about installation or assembly of large products they bought online or in-store or they are just concerned about lifting heavy items. This luxury assistance is becoming a popular option for moving, installing and setting up any bulky or large items. 

In a very competitive and logistical industry, retailers are seeking ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and deliver the best customer service to their customers. A large proportion of customers state that an efficient delivery service can be the reason why they choose one business over another when purchasing products. With customer experience being an important factor within all businesses, people now purchasing more large and bulky items online and consumers expecting a high standard for customer service, premium delivery service will become an accustomed term.   

White glove service often includes delivery to a specific place and inside pick up. This means that the two person delivery can take the heavy burden of lifting off of a client when a delivery driver leaves especially if this includes heavy lifting down and up stairs. This furniture delivery service delivers items such as dishwashers and sofas which might be hard for someone to move by themselves. When premium delivery service is offered, the often two person delivery team “put on their white gloves” to provide extra care to enhance a customer’s experience. Whether a fragile product is in need of a swift transition, a delivery needs more attention or a big package is tough to move then white glove delivery is the way forward. 

What are the typical types of jobs and work that they take on?

The logistics behind every home delivery service is important. This unique method of distribution offers several different services. As well companies offering furniture delivery service, some companies also offer an assembling and disassembly service for installation and furniture. This includes installing electronics and smart device syncing, this means your products will be able to be used straight away. 

Other services white glove delivery offer is professional protection and packing of goods so they transport safely, in addition unpacking can be offered once a good has arrived at its final destination. Home delivery services can supply packaging materials like packing crates, styrofoam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and boxes. They can also get rid of packaging materials afterwards, rather than a property being left with extra mess. In addition, some companies may offer to dispose of old electronics, furniture etc as an element of the service so you do not have fret about that.

Furthermore white glove service options may include:

  • Threshold – This delivery option means that the two person delivery will only drop your goods to the other side of your door, no further. The team will take care in doing this but do not offer any extra services.
  • Room of choice – The delivery team will take your parcel to a room of your choice within your residence and then depart. 
  • Deluxe – The delivery team will take your package to a desired room, completely set up your goods and then leave, taking with them any packaging materials.

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