September 22, 2023
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Increasing your online sales within the property sector

Business and PropertyHow to increase sales in the property sector

Property is such a huge sector, using effective marketing communications, strategies and campaigns will help to increase a brands online presence and sales within the industry. 

Online property promotion opportunities 

Starting in March 2020, initially the prime minister suggested that lockdown would last 3 weeks which occurred from the coronavirus outbreak. However, it was soon apparent that it was not going to be over as quick as that. Covid19 has been the cause of many businesses to close. It then became evident that in order for businesses to survive they would have to adapt to a new normal. 

Estate agencies are amongst those companies that have been affected by Covid19. This is because they were classed as non essential. However, after 2 months estate agents were up and running again online. 

Property and Sales

Why go Online?

I say online because to begin with physical house viewings were obsolete and property interest shifted promptly online. This therefore meant that the information and photos on estate agents websites became very reliant upon. However, some companies have not included any extra information or images to engage potential customers.  

In 2015, a small business became a big business, after creating an innovative house tour service. This business would video record every room in a house and then people could watch it and zoom in on any particular point. As well as that the service included measurements modes so that potential customers can gauge the size of different rooms. This business now profits 2 million pounds a year and competitors are attempting to replicate this. 

Would that service have benefited you and your business? Using digital technology can future proof your business. It can also help support it in unforeseen circumstances such as Covid19. Promoting such digital technology through social media can improve engagement and brand awareness. However, many estate agents do not do this and are missing out. 

Virtual viewings was the only option throughout part of lockdown. However, when competitors are more advanced they will gain a competitive advantage. As a result of this, you may lose out on potential customers. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, sales for properties were high. However, with a reduced amount of viewings taking place, now could be a perfect time in reviewing and adapting your strategy online. 

Increase sales within the property industry using online strategies. 

There are several ways to help sustain your business within the property sector:

Review your website

Especially the detail pages for each property. Here you can add all of the images that you have available for each property. You can then update the content on all of those pages. 


Rather than labelling an image as for example image 1, which can be frustrating for a potential buyer. You label them according to the room that is being showcased instead. This will be clearer for the viewer so they instantly know which room they are looking at, rather than having to refer to a floorplan. 

Onlines upgrades

Depending on your budget (which may be larger because of furloughing staff) you could consider spending money on upgrading your website or SEO services. Having search engine optimisation within your future plans will help your business position higher organically on search page results and thus giving your business a greater chance of being seen more regularly. 

Quality checks

To increase sales it can be important to analyse and review the entire user journey throughout your website. Do the CTA buttons on your website work? Do all links work? Is the user journey optimised for mobile phone usage? This is especially important to consider as often people will search on their mobile phones when they are out of the house. You should review the data that you gather from quality checks to identify what consumers are engaging with, on which platforms and how often. This will allow you to create content that will directly and inform the correct target audience. 

Business and StrategyEmail marketing

This can be one of the most affordable and effective ways of converting consumers and generating leads to increase sales within the property sector. You can target your email list as it is likely that they will already be interested in your business. You should make them aware of new and available properties and any changes that you have made within the business due to Covid19. 

PPC campaigns

PPC can be a valuable asset to your company if you are not ranked high in the search engine results. Everytime your display ad gets clicked on you pay an agreed amount and this will drive traffic to your website, this can be very effective when advertising on sites such as Google. To help you decide on which PPC campaigns to use you could analyse your recent social media posts and use the one with the most engagements. 

As highlighted above there are so many effective ways that can help increase sales within the property sector.

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