November 29, 2023

How SEO Writing Can Improve Your SEO Results?

Search engine optimisation boosts page rankings of the websites. Many well known search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN look for optimisation features in the webpage before indexing and ranking them. There are two types of optimisation, one is on-page and the other is off-page. The main purpose of the on-page optimisation is to make the webpage engine friendly by adding suitable features of SEO writing. The off-page optimisation is related to promoting the site through link building and social media marketing. Adopting proper optimisation techniques both on-page and off-page improves the page ranking substantially.

What is SEO Writing?

The technique of writing content for the webpage in a manner that the page can be easily picked up by the engine from the rest of pages displayed on the net, is called SEO writing. Everyday millions of visitors hit the net with a purpose of buying a product or service. These potential customers need the right directions to the right websites that host the products or services they buy. At the bottom of each of their search listings are the links to the sites that host the potential purchase.

SEO writing is tailor made for the purpose. When done perfectly, it can divert the maximum traffic to your site. The right use of keywords, catchy titles and sprinkled keywords in the body of the page can make the customers go to your page with just a single click. The bounce rates too are cut throat on purpose. The sites that are listed at the top have high bounce rates. The bounce rate of the sites listed at the bottom are comparatively lower.

SEO writing makes your web page highly-visible on the internet. Since it is search engine optimisation done round the clock, SEO writing has been made much easier with the use of bots and SIs. The other good news is that you can even learn the technique of writing perfect SEO content on the net. These tips will help you get down to the minute writing for search engine optimisation.

Tips to Maintain the Top Rankings

Making sure that your website has been optimised with SEO writing is not enough. One must also work on the site link building. Trying to acquire high quality links for your site is immensely important. It is only by getting links that the search engines will index you properly. The more links you process, the better will be your SEO writing.

It is advised to keep the length of the articles or SEO writing little bit longer than 100 characters. Maintaining the ideal keyword density will maintain your rankings. Overstuffing the article with keywords will make the search engines mark you as SPAM. The article must be written in simple and reader-friendly language.

Use the keyword in the title, first paragraph, second last paragraph and then throughout the remaining content. When you write 95% of the article, ensure that the keyword is embedded in the last 25 words. A good SEO writing needs to be in the key word range of 2-3%. Make use of synonyms and related words to support the keywords. This will make the article and the page synonym in the mind of the reader. The important thing is the sanity of the writing. Just make sure that you are writing for your audience and not for the search engines.

What are the wholesale prices of the SEO writing?

The wholesale prices of the article depend on such things as the number of words, the style chosen and the content organisation. In other words, the regular prices can not be projected. The best method is to venture into the value pricing method. The difference between the regular and value pricing is that the former is much higher than the latter. Value pricing is based on the total number of words in the article divided by the number of non-mobile units. In other words, in a value-price situation, the largest number of words leads to the largest price.

If you have to write on any subject, irrespective of your direct hobby or interest, you can come up with a list of top five keywords by counting the number of times the keywords are being looked up. Once the list is final, you can calculate the price per the keyword.

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