May 29, 2023
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Why Healthy Eating is Really Important for your Fitness? 

Have you noticed that recently there has been this huge hype about organic and whole foods? This hype really has got everyone thinking about which foods are healthy and which aren’t. Most convenience stores and supermarkets have created completely separate wholefood isles! But the question here really is; how beneficial are these organic wholefoods? Is creating healthy eating habits really that necessary to maintain your health and keep your body fit?

‘White’ Carbs

Most of the foods you usually consumed are ‘technically’ processed in a variety of ways. Even that innocent looking white bread is pretty wicked. White flours are packed with chemicals and additives. If you look at white rice, it is only the endosperm of the grain, in essence this makes white rice just one glob of starchy fatty food – nothing else. These processed foods usually require other additives, to ensure taste and being presentable. It is largely commercial.

Whole Foods

Whole foods on the other hand are a much better alternative. Take a look at a grain or brown rice. It is brown because it still has the bran and the germ intact. You may be wondering how this is good for you? Well, the bran is rich with fibre and protein and the germ is jam packed with vitamins and antioxidants and all the goodness you can imagine. Ideal good foods are not solely fatty starchy globs of food. Get the difference? Whole foods are foods with a difference. These foods are the original produce of Mother Nature that’s organic, natural and does nothing but good for you. Whole foods are the perfect way to live healthier and consume nutrients straight from nature.bread wholefood bran health

You will find so many differences if you were to compare whole foods with refined foods that we consume today. Whole foods are more wholesome. Not only are they beneficial for your body but they jam pack your body with the right nutrients, and thus in turn looking after your body. Instead of constantly eating multi-vitamins and other pills and tablets to keep healthy, whole foods ensure that your body gets its share of goodness naturally on a daily basis. Most natural grains and foods are filled with aforementioned fibre. Fibre makes you feel fuller faster and aids digestion. This ensures you not only eat healthy but also do not over eat.

Refined Foods

The refined foods that we eat on a daily basis are filled with multiple flavorings, additives and substitutes. A large proportion being synthetic in nature. On digestion, they end up becoming toxins in your body, hampering your metabolism, thus bodily workings. Whole foods are purely natural. They work with your body and promote genuine health.

The trend of whole foods is, in fact, a pretty good one! It is about time everyone starts realizing the sheer importance of healthy eating in everyday life. Additionally to balancing food and fitness to ensure the meeting of individual goals.


Venessa Whitford

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