April 2, 2023
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5 Main Uses of Healing Crystals

Using healing crystals is an ancient practice where crystals are placed on the body. This healing revolves around mental and spiritual strengthening. Healing crystals for sale are widely attainable. Healing crystals can be used to aid multiple issues, such as Anxiety, Protection, Fertility, Weight Loss and Sleep.


This practice can be useful for those with anxiety. The crystals; Amazonite, Lepidolite and Rose Quartz have been praised for their gentle and soft energy. Many say these crystals are fast working. Paired with meditation, the crystals make for a stronger relief. Crystal healing works by crystals harmonizing with the user’s energy, this is why by just holding Rose Quartz you can feel more at ease. You can buy crystals online, it is easy to find the three discussed crystals, they can help to aid you if you struggle with anxiety.


Crystal Healing can also be used for protection. A crystal’s aura can assist to ward off negative energies and illnesses. Charoite, Brown Calcite and Peridot are all crystals useful for protection. You can find these healing crystals for sale in various places, like in markets or online shops. Protection crystals can be used in many ways. If the user wears/holds it, they will absorb it’s vibrations and those vibrations will detect an area needing healing. If you choose to place the crystal in a room, it will rebalance energies in that area. These stone can make you feel safe, protected and happy. You should try out protection crystals if you are feeling surrounded by negativity.

Crystal healing amethyst jewelleryFertility

Healing crystals are also popular for influencing fertility. Both, men and women can use crystals in their favour. Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Jade are all perfect, you can find where to buy healing crystals for fertility online. Many people use all three crystals together for a stronger effect, however people can use them separately and still feel it’s effect. In ancient times, these crystals and others were often given as wedding gifts, with the belief they would strengthen fertility among the newly wedded. If you’re having trouble with fertility, look into these fertility crystals.


Crystals can also play a part in your life if you’re having a hard time with depression. Smoky Quartz, Lepidolite and Tiger’s eye are all great choices for dealing with sadness. These crystals assist you by absorbing bad energy, rather than channelling the energy to you. They all help lift your mood and help approach fears. Healing crystals like the three mentioned are widely available, on the internet there are many crystals for sale. It would benefit you to look into healing crystals if you feel like you are having mood swings or terrible thoughts.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be supported with the use of crystals. The healing crystals; Apatite, Lolite and Amethyst can all help as they suppress your appetite and cravings. Crystals can benefit people throughout their journeys, as its also said they can help you stick to a diet plan. The crystals mentioned, and ones similar are very popular, making it easy for you to buy crystals alike. If you’re currently on a journey of weight loss or wish you start one, healing crystals can easily be complimentary to you.


Crystal healing is also very popular in controlling sleep. Sodalite, Jade and Clear Quartz are great for regulating sleep patterns and sleep disorders. All three crystals have properties of making you feel peaceful, light and relaxed. Fear and restlessness are two factors taken away by the healing practice. You can buy healing crystals like these at online shops. If you are experiencing a hard time falling asleep or even suffer from a disorder like insomnia, healing crystals could benefit you a lot. With these crystals you can experience a better sleep.

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