May 29, 2023
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Is it a Good Idea to Trace Long Lost Relatives?

The human heart yearns to feel connected, and to have a sense of history. When there is a gap in said history, especially when it comes to long lost relatives, there can be a tendency to leap into action at the thought of reuniting. However, while the decision to begin the search ultimately rests with the individual, it would be unwise not to consider possible ramifications of what could be uncovered.


There are many undeniable benefits to learning about people in the wider family group. Being well acquainted with the circle of relatives may give access to valuable medical history, for example, allowing the searcher to better understand their health and prepare for any possible future issues. Meeting family members, who were acquainted with a person from the past, can often help clarify behaviours and situations that are otherwise difficult to explain. Being part of a larger group can help solidify a person’s identity, and understand the specific and complex set of circumstances that led to their family dynamic.


However, it is extremely important not to forget that the people being found are individuals with their own ideas about appropriate conduct, the type of relationship they would like, and indeed whether they desire to be contacted at all. Some unscrupulous people have tricked vulnerable family into giving them financial aid. The family may have stories that the searcher does not want to hear, or ones that shatter their perceptions of the past.

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They may simply not be desirable acquaintances. Once the relative has been found, there is little the searcher can do to prepare for what kind of person or situation they may encounter. It is important to keep in mind that the search does not need to even begin if there is not a complete conviction that the decision is the right one.

The determination to begin searching is not inherently right or wrong, but it is wise to be as prepared as possible to encounter unexpected outcomes. While the experience could be entirely positive and productive, an open mind is necessary before beginning the search, with a heart-felt enquiry into whether the timing and expectations are right for the unique set of circumstances presented by each individual.

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