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Gilet Jackets – Are they in or are they out?

Have you ever worn or reviewed gilet jackets? Most of you will probably say no, especially since it has such a daunting name, but I think you have, you just don’t know it.

They are more common than you think, and although they are seen as fashion staples now, they served another purpose some time ago. A gilet can be referred to as a sleeveless jacket, also known as a vest. So, you still think you haven’t worn one?

gilet jackets

This staple isn’t just worn by the stay at home mama’s who bring their kids to hockey, or fashionistas who want to look fancy, or even the football coaches who are a bit chilly when training the superstars – they serve many purposes.

Let me remind you that the evolution of the gilet goes back to that of the jerkin

A garment that was favored by many European peasants in the 15th century. Normally made of leather, it was known to be the sleeveless jacket that kept you warm during those winter months, and allowed a lot of movement.

These days they can be worn as an extra layer for warmth while outside, for sports, or for fashion. Historically, they were practical, not fashionable, and as many items of clothing they were produced using sheepskin, or cow to provide a lot of warmth. Luckily, these pieces were light to wear, compared to a lot of the clothing peasants were burdened to wear at the time.

These jackets or vests, whatever you want to call them, have been recycled in the fashion industry since the dawn of time. Whether you want to look good, or stay warm, they have maintained their value in the fashion world, and hopefully I can persuade you to try them, if you haven’t already (but I bet you have).

The type of fabric your gilet jacket is made out of depends on the purpose of it.

If you’re looking for an active gilet jacket, you generally want something that is breathable, maintains warmth, and is light to wear. A popular active gilet jacket is typically made to provide you with insulation to trap all that body heat in. It is wind and waterproof, made for that unpredictable weather we all sometimes experience.

Often they are created with reflective highlights, and knit jersey side panels to maximize your ability to move, especially while jogging or running. To top it all off, it includes pockets, and headphone ports so you don’t have to worry about your belongings.

Wax Gilet Jackets side

All active gilet jackets varies in what they can provide, and provides different features depending on whether you are a man or woman. Both generally have pockets, and ports, but collars may look different, some offer zippers vs. Velcro or buttons, and some are even have inner pockets to hide treats.

Women’s gilet jackets are generally more fitted to look stylish, while men’s are more boxy. Both provide you with a hoodie if you like, or just a collar – all depending on the brand, and style you want.

If you aren’t looking to be active, but you want to prepare yourself for the autumn chill

Another great option is the wool gilet jackets sections, or fur/leather. These are seen as stylish long waistcoats, and are generally highly priced however; you can always get faux wool – aka polyester and still look as good. This style of vest, is normally made of cloth, fake fur, or knitted and to maintain the body’s shape, a belt is sometimes added.

Generally these are more stylish for women, than for men but that could be because the style hasn’t been perfected yet. Women tend to pair these stylish gilet vests with boots, and turtlenecks, while men get that ‘dad’ vibe while wearing this attire. This is something to consider when making the investment into gilet jackets.

womens gilet jackets

Leather vests are a great option for men looking for that sharp, motorcycle look, and women who want that tough exterior present.

Ironically, many motorcyclists wear this style of vest, and sometimes embroider it with roses, or a ‘gang’ name. Denim vests – although these aren’t labeled as gilet jackets , they developed from them and have marked their territory in the fashion industry.

Whether they were denim jackets that became cutoffs, or were sewn that way, it is within the same genre of vests.

Gilet Jackets isn’t just for adults though

Many moms and dads purchase these for their little ones, and it works well for those who are very active outdoors, or looking to add that extra padding for the monkey bars. gilet jackets for kids are created the same as for adults; you can purchase ones that come in a puffer style, or faux fur (polyester) form. Both are very wearable, and durable.

kids gilet jackets
Kids gilet jackets

Overall, gilet jackets has developed throughout the years, sometimes clashing with fashion but always there as an option when fall arrives. Ignoring the name, the vest is quite inviting to everyone, whether you are stylish or not.

Its purpose is to add that little bit of warmth, or style to your wardrobe so I highly suggest you consider adding one to your wardrobe.

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