September 22, 2023

For SEO How To Write Page Titles & Meta Descriptions in 2020

Create unique meta tags and meta descriptions for every page on your website, including your contact page, about us page and testimonials from your current or potential customers. Many people make the mistake of copy-pasting the same description and title for every page, and if you do this you can’t expect Google to use the description that’s good for that page. Here are the top 6 tips to creating the best meta titles and descriptions.

Use Your Keywords

You have set-up your website and for some time, you have been producing and offering quality information and advice to visitors about the products and services you offer. It’s now time to make sure that you have used the keywords that you have used in your content in the title and description of the web pages. Make sure that they are the same keywords.

You will often find that different pages of the same website have different page titles, descriptions and keywords. For example, if you are a small business website, with multiple locations, and your website offers two main categories for the services you offer, called Site A and Site B, then you will have to make sure that both titles and descriptions are relevant to all pages on the website, and they use the keywords that you have been focusing on.

You can add a keyword to each page title and description, so if someone was looking for a particular keyword, like “small business consider hiring a small business SEO agency”, then your page title should have the keyword as well as your business name in it.


Articles are an excellent way to focus the content of your website, and FREE makes a great starting point. You can write a few of your very best selling articles, about anything you want to discuss, and add them to the best selling section of your website, that is free for the readers. The articles will also serve to be your web pages’ navigation.

Using the same article meta titles for each piece of content, and then applying keyword optimisation rules for each will help you to optimise each webpage. The result will be that each page will focus on the keywords that you have been focusing on throughout your entire website! That will make all of your pages easier to find, and more valuable to the search engines!

Anchor Text In Titles

Use anchor text keywords in the titles of your articles, and be sure to use the anchor texts that you have been focusing on in the article’s content. Use the keywords that you have been using in the article’s content often, but do not overcrowd it. Keep the titles clear, and free of excessive keywords.

Free Content

Adding free content to your website can increase the number of visitors, and the number of inexperienced people who are trying to get a free ride. The more fresh content you can provide on your website, the better. This will help to build a relationship of visitors who will keep coming back to your site.

Do not add random free content to your website just for the sake of having something for the SE (Search Engine) spiders, and likewise, if someone comes to your website and sees that you have a recurring theme, he or she will know that it is a vibrant and thriving website.

Make Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you to determine the problem areas in your website, gather some information about your visitors for future reference, make the necessary changes, and re-vamp your website for better SEO success.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful way to gain first impressions on new clients, and promote your new website or new blog pages. The more types of content you can post on various social media platforms, the more you will be able to reach your audience about your products or services.

Content has to be RELEVANT to the Generation of Traffic that is your target audience, else you will be cut off from traffic. Always be informed of the news in your niche, and update your ideas frequently to get updated with new information. The relevant titles that you use will attract more attention from the online community, and these are single most of the benefits you will ever get from social media.

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