May 29, 2023
putting crystals in drinking water to infuse

Crystal Infused Water Bottles Fully Explained

Crystal Infused Water Bottles – The New Wellness Trend Guaranteed To Bring A Sparkle To Your Day

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Crystal Infused Water Bottles You read that right, the hot new product on the wellness scene is taking the infuser water bottle to the next level.


The concept is simple. for Crystal Infused Water Bottles so Gemstones are built into the water bottle to infuse the water when you drink from it. Using an infuser water bottle to spruce up your water is not a new concept. Who hasn’t tried adding some lemon or strawberries to their water bottle these days?

However, the use of Crystals to infuse the water has some unique and powerful benefits. The bottles are less about adding a fruity flourish to your water but rather about enlivening the benefits of the water for your health and wellbeing.

Good for your health and wellbeing

gemstone water bottle HarmonyIt may sound strange, how can adding a gemstone to water bottles possibly have any effect on the water? The gemstones change the quality and structure of water to restore the crystal structure to the quality of real spring water and creates a higher oxygenation content.

The tradition of using gemstones to increase the health benefits of water stems back to ancient civilisation. Plus, the gemstones themselves have differing effects. Gemstones absorb and release energy in an ordered way.

Each crystal has a unique effect on the water structure. This allows you to play around with what positive vibrations and energies are right for you when you use a Crystal Water Bottle.

A sustainable way to drink water

Beyond the wellness benefits for yourself, the water bottles have environmental benefits. Crystal Water Bottles are sustainable. By using a reusable infuser water bottle, the impact on the environment decreases. Single use plastic bottles are a major problem throughout the world.

They take hundreds of years to decompose and they give off a massive amount of carbon emissions because they take so much energy to produce.

Not to mention, buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle isn’t particularly sustainable for your wallet either. By using a Crystal Infused Water Bottle, you can drink your water in a sustainable way.

Gorgeous to look at in its own right

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It is rare to come across a wellness trend that combines wellness and health benefits with sustainability, that also looks amazing. Crystal Water Bottles are a sight to be seen.

Not only are the crystals themselves a natural beauty of our world, the specks of light that are created from the water surrounding the crystals create a gorgeous effect.

Crystal Infused Water Bottles allow you to feel good about what you put in your body and look good while doing it.

A wellness trend that is here to stay

gemstone crystal water bottle CourageDrinking water is an important and unavoidable aspect of life. It is no secret that water has countless benefits to our health, wellbeing and survival.

Water is important for our energy, immunity, skin and also removes toxins from our bodies.

Yet many of us struggle to drink a good amount of water each day. These water bottles provide a sustainable and beneficial way to make sure your body and mind are enriched and hydrated.

The cherry on top?

The bottles look stunning too! Crystal Infused Water Bottles are a fun and healthy way to inspire you to drink water and get the most you can out of it.

Whilst some wellness trends come and go, Crystal Water Bottles as such a positive and beneficial product should be here to stay.

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