May 29, 2023
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Crystal Healing Jewellery


Ancient civilisations discovered the energies within natural resources. These stones were thought to balance energy flows in each state of being, such as mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Crystals influence the following:

• Energy flow through the body and states of being.

• Chakra activity.

• Metabolism of cells, organs, and tissues through electromagnetic stimulation

Each type of crystal is specifically formed according to the factors affecting its environment and thus allowing evolution accordingly. In turn, each crystal  influences our energy systems differently, explaining attraction to a particular crystal without a specific reason.

Crystal infographic rose quartzCrystal healing

Crystal Healing is an alternative technique which uses crystals and stones to cure ailments and prevent certain diseases. This technique believe that crystals facilitate healing through allowing positive healing energy to flow through the body. While deflecting negative disease-causing energies to flow out. Stones and crystals are assigned different healing properties that they are believed to offer. This process can be offered in a treatment session (in spa’s or new age health clinics) where crystals are placed on different points on your body to align with chakra points.

This technique can also be in the form of worn crystal ornaments that continuously act to heal, protect, etc. depending on the properties of the worn crystal. Most of these come in the form of:

Natural crystal jewellery

Stones used in these jewellery pieces bring rejuvenation and cleansing of energies in every area of your life. It carries a positive aura and drives out negativity and dullness. Natural crystal jewellery, if you allow it to, will cleanse you of negative thought and energies and bring in a positive, optimistic new approach to situations. This allows you function at your optimum and also improves your overall mood patterns.

Crystal pendant necklace

Crystal pendant necklaces usually come in the form of jewellery hanging from and attached to a chain. Depending on the type of crystal used as the pendant, each piece offers good luck, protection and healing powers to the wearer. Crystal necklaces are known to offer protection to the wearer from negative forces and influences from others by deflecting or absorbing them. They vibrate at different frequencies an can, therefore, rebalance and retune the energies in our bodies. Spiritual protection jewellery act as strength providers in times of stress, provide guidance by strengthening the connection between the wearer and the earth, centres and aligns the person to a higher power and draw the required energy from the universe.

Holistic jewellery

Crystal Jewellery necklaceHolistic jewellery work by activating the chakras through rebalancing the physical body, as physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels of being are influencers.

Find your dream item of jewellery today

Gemstone healing jewellery is perfect for giving as a present to a loved one, or for treating yourself to something that has proven spiritual power. Both beautiful and cleansing, spiritual jewellery will help to bring a sense of calm, healing, and positivity into your life.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a loved one, this expansive collection of jewellery is sure to have something that suits your needs. Also, creating a thoughtful set of jewellery that provides a combination of healing powers: choose rose quartz and hematite together for a peaceful and steadfast loving relationship.

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