September 22, 2023
Writing SEO Friendly content

Creating SEO Friendly Content for Your Website

Best Tips To Create SEO Friendly Content

1. What is SEO Friendly Content?

For businesses or companies that want to rank high up in Search engine rankings, creating SEO Friendly Content is very important.

For instance, if your website gets ranked on the main page, it means that it users will share it, it will have a high engagement rate and get a good click through rate. If you have some of the best-written articles and your page is never found, it is meaningless.

These are some of the best tips and techniques that you should follow so that you can not only write content that is relevant and interesting but also capture the attention of your audience. Apart from that, these tips will help boost the chances of your website showing up in the search results.

SEO Friendly Content
Writing Content

2. The Benefits of Having SEO Friendly Content

In the digital world, SEO has become a significant marketing strategy because it’s very effective. The benefits of having SEO content are so many, but these are some of the top benefits.

Increase traffic

Websites that show up on top positions of the search engine tend to get more clicks and impressions meaning there will be increased traffic for your website.

Increase Traffic

On SERPs, you can discover what a website or page is about by reading its title and description. This is also what google uses to search for and bring back results to a search query. Optimisation of these tags and descriptions leads to a significant increase in a website’s traffic.

Increases site usability

SEO friendly content does not only make your website’s navigation easier for the search engines but also makes it easily navigable for your users. SEO content also makes it easy for users to find information on your page or website.

Promotes brand awareness

Top position ranking leads to increased impressions hence your website will get more exposure. The targeted keywords will help users associate them with your brand.

It will also boost users’ trust since the first page of a brand plays a significant role when it comes to winning the trust of users.


3. How to Write SEO Friendly Content-Important tips and techniques

There are many techniques or tips that are used by SEO agencies for writing content that is optimised for both users as well as search engines.

Insert Keywords in the headlines,titles URLs, and main text

There are several ways of using keywords to optimise your content. You can use a keywords in your content such as in headlines, URLs and within the content. For the URLs, make them short and use the primary keyword in the URL. You should also reduce the number of subfolders and avoid numbers on your URL.

Using a keyword severally in the content is not as essential but plays a specific role. SEO friendly content only mentions the primary keyword for a number of times in the main body.

Mostly keyword usage in the text should be between 1-2%. Use keyword modifiers within the content.

Headline and Sub-headlines

If you use headlines and sub-headlines in the structure of your content, there are several benefits you will enjoy. First, it makes skimming the writing process easier hence it becomes easier for the user to read.

As per research, people tend to share information or pages that are easy to read. It also improves keyword saturation.

Headings and Sub Headings

Adding Links

Add links from other websites that are reputable and of high quality.  If you add links that are better, the chances are great of your page being ranked high in search results.

Using information from or links to more credible sources in your content make your website more trustworthy.

The Length of your content

Observing the length of the article should not be overlooked. It is to be noted that Google gives first priority to articles that are longer, however, if it is extra-long you might risk losing readers.

Mostly, articles should contain a minimum of 300 words, but there is no specific maximum number of words. Choose the number of words carefully so that you can capture the interest of both Google and readers.

This is will result in readers wanting to share your content.

Optimise your images

If your site is majorly about design work, you should consider investing in optimised images. Google image results are not that competitive because only a few people do image SEO.

Remember, adding alt tags to the images makes a lot of sense. Captions can also offer a platform to add a related keyword to your blog post.

Write Content of High Quality

Writing high-quality content is not even a matter of discussion. This is one of the best strategies to make people read your content. The content should have a unique structure, be interesting and meaningful.

Never duplicate content in your blog post either from your previous work or another site’s work. As long as you achieve all this, people will automatically want to read and share your content. Search engines favour websites with unique and relevant content.

All these processes will help you create SEO friendly content.

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