April 2, 2023
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A Guide to Data Entry Jobs From Home

Thanks to the widespread availability and benefit of intelligent computers and advanced technology, data entry jobs are practically unlimited. The main benefit of these jobs is that they enable a person to work from home and can be custom designed to fit the needs of each individual. So if you are an unemployed individual, looking to make some much needed income from the comfort of your own home, then a data entry job may be the right occupation for you! Let’s take a look at the meaning of data entry jobs and what they entail.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is a specific niche of on-line clerical work that pays about $8 to $15 per hour depending upon the intricacies of the work. A highly experienced typist could even earn more than $20 per hour. These people generally work from home, because of the flexible working schedule that these people are able to enjoy.

It’s pretty straightforward work. You type. You do repetitive data entry. It’s all very straightforward. But the pay is fairly respectable for the field of work. Most work is submitted electronically, so there’s no written part-writing workshop or other teaching classes. Most assignments are set up to give you a list of keywords in report formats, and a list of sections to edit, and a list of words to type into the program. That is what you’ll have to work at, and that’s what you’ll be instructed to do. Writing style is another big part of this field. Most of us type in text-based documents in MS Word and other word processing software. But some of us experience shorthand and other problems so that we can’t type easily.

What does the job role involve?

Below is a list of the most common tasks that you’ll complete during a normal work week as a data entry worker:

• Collect and verify bills,responses and daily records

• Find and change addresses and contacts

• Inventory lists and inventories

• Transfer data between CDs, DVDs, etc. and other media

• Transfer data to the computer, at times off limits such as online stash, preventing modifications

• Transfer data back to the system to retrieve records for review

• Maintain data periodically order files

You can probably add more. The more you have already loaded onto the system, the more complicated and demanding the task will be. But, once you get the hang of the repetitiveness of the job  and established some patience, it will all be a breeze.

What skills do I need?

Because of the simple nature of this job, it’s not uncommon to find these workers typing up very technical, or highly specialised types of material. But there’s a distinct lack of clerical skills required for at-home data entry. Most new typists find these types of jobs frustrating because they simply can’t make sense of what they are seeing on the screen. Therefore there are some simple skills that you will need to tolerate this type of job:

  1. Basic computer skills 

    To be able to perform this job on a daily basis, you will need basic computer skills. These skills can range from being able to turn on and operate a computer to the capability of installing software. You must understand the importance of keeping your computer updated and safe from viruses whilst consistently saving your work.

  2. Typing skills 

    Considering your main job role will involve inputting data into the required fields etc, you must be able to type quickly to meet deadlines. The faster you are as a typer, the more income you will make in the job as it is based on how much work you can get done. Not only must you be rapid, but your typing should also be of high quality with no room for error. Always check your work before submitting it!

  3. Organisational skills 

    It’s all about paying attention to detail. Your job is to organise the chaos of data and put it all into order. Therefore you must have substantial organisational skills and work ethic.

  4. Communication skills 

    Every job requires a basic level of communication skills, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to interact with your colleagues, managers or clients. With regards to data entry, you need a high level of communication skills due to the fact you are based from home. Without communication, you wouldn’t be able to check in with your boss.

  5. A patience for repetition 

    Data entry is a very repetitive role, whereby you will be doing the same job over and over in a day. There will be very little variation to your job, so you must be prepared for that and able to tolerate it. You should be able to sit at your desk all day without getting distracted and maintain your work at a high level of efficiency to ensure the data you enter is of high quality.

  6. Experience with software 

    As previously mentioned, you must have the capability to install software and use it without the help of others, especially if you are based from home. In most cases, you should have some experience with various computer software programs such as Microsoft Office (a typically required skill for any job) and Google Docs. In addition to this you should also understand data recording software.


Final Words

Network marketing companies have turned particularly to this type of online data entry service. They also help people who are desperately in need of making some smart passive income.

We all know that a person can quickly become a real secret shopper, and this is a great way to make extra cash. I would encourage people to shop around for their assignments and data entry jobs carefully, and to avoid scammers who insist that their assignments are for real yet want you to pay for them. The challenge is that it takes time to learn how to do this properly and with accuracy. There is less work involved with home typing, and that’s why it’s also a great source of residual income and retirement income.

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