May 29, 2023
crystal healing

A Guide to Crystal Healing

The Purpose of Crystals

Lately, because the world has become so financially and energetically chaotic, more and more people are looking for ways to create positive change. Many of these people, open minded to new ideas, are buying into the idea that crystals can help to release blocked energy and help them to reconnect with a higher knowing.

Many people find themselves drawn to buying crystal jewellery because they use it as a tool to help them speak with other energetic beings, acquire clarity in their visions and help them to channel spirits. There’s a wide variety of jewellery that you can use as a means of connecting with the many wonderful aspects of the natural world, and here’s just a few of the wonderful benefits of owning crystal jewellery.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals have been used for healing and protection for thousands of years, and they’re used today in everything from dentistry to electronics. All of nature has always used crystal in some way, and you’ll find crystals are precious gemstones that are popular for its beautiful vibrational frequency.

Crystals have existed for many years and developed in many different shapes and forms, but crystals have finally been proven to be inherently divine in nature and are today used in special restricted environments, like temples and libraries. Crystal objects are also used in religious rituals and processions because of their connection to the grid of life and can be placed in the appropriate surroundings to help energise the visitor.

What are the Different Types of Crystals?

You can also find crystals in certain colours, mainly because the colours helps to withstand the environment and prevent damage to the crystal line structure. Each crystal is actually unique and different from the next, which means you can truly make one that is both customised and unique to you.

The Impact of Crystals

Walking into a room with a pile of crystals to place around you, you can have an immediate positive impact because the energy of the stones will help fill each of the 9 different energy bodies (chakras) of your body, in a concentrated volume, making it easier to move through the energy flow. Each chakra or energy body is like a nerve centre of our body, and all have an individual frequency. So by wearing a crystal filled with the frequency of the Heart Chakra, you open yourself to the loving frequencies of the entire Heart Spiritual Energy Body.

Final Words

Many people are wary of the negative emotional and physical effects that crystals can have, but in reality, crystals are totally safe when it comes to resonating with your physical and emotional body. All your beloved crystals will help to strengthen the Aura (structure of the physical body) and help to hold the thought process of your beloved. Crystals are also used to help enhance the senses by putting them into what we call a trance.

Whether you are looking to add to or improve the beauty of your home, office or spirituality, it’s easy to do so with the help of crystal.

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