November 29, 2023
beginners to boxing

A Complete Guide to Boxing for Fitness

So how do you exactly get into boxing?

Many people see the appeal and want to give it a try after watching the television. Taking up boxing can help you tone up with all sorts of moves which result in completely “shaping” the whole body.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s not as hard as you may think. Of course the first and foremost thing is of course, one’s dedication and commitment to see it through. One will need to hit the gym regularly and stick to a proper diet as well.

Do I need a nutritional routine?

The best routine is to have three to four vitamin supplements in the week, especially when involved with such an intense exercise as boxing. The idea here is to help increase the person’s immune system and more so, to make the muscles more defined. It’s also important for the person to really tighten up all problem areas while working on their abdomen, like the lower legs and the area around the loins and also the arms. Spikes of blood will also be created that can quickly become dark circles under the eyes.

So where do I start?

Well, the first thing one does is get a training plan set for the course of their training. The best routine will be three half hour sessions at the gym every week – the idea being to build the muscles, get them warm and then slightly heavier than your usual regime. Finding the right time of day can be of great importance as well, so as not to stress the body too much.

For starters, it’s necessary to first work on the shoulders and posture with the chin up technique and also reverse lunges using light pairs of dumbbells. In addition, performing some push ups or seated military presses can help tone the arms. Working on the core will not only have fantastic effects on the muscles in your body because now the body has to work harder to lift the weights and in turn work more than he or she would when not doing any technique. Toning the arms will not only help to get the benefits of boxing, but also help the arms gain strength.

What if I am not physically fit?

The really exciting part in all of this is that one is able to chose the pace. The body’s reaction to punches is great and it will also speed up when one begins to really stimulate the muscles. So don’t be afraid of the speed. Boxers are gifted, in that they train harder than the average person, as they have to train constantly and eat the right foods, rather than little exercise and eating  junk food. If you stop eating and training well, you will lose interest in training and ultimately want to quit and even gain weight.

How much water should I be drinking?

But don’t forget to keep the body hydrated while training. Drinking water during training is important as the muscles runs better properly. Eight to ten glasses a day are the recommended for the average adult, especially those who plan to do a lot of hard running.

What if I am already physically fit?

The ones who are highly athletic and headed for fighting a tough opponent should have another development plan in place, mainly for those muscles so they can bulk up and get bigger. Remember, you don’t even have to have a boxing bag in your own home; there are several mixtures of options available out there for training in your area. It also helps if you can get in touch with a trainer to see for a few sessions annually. Trainers can show their experience and also give you a few tips on specific workouts.

Final Words

Having a look at all you can do using a training schedule can help you find something that can suit your own individual wants and individual situation. Good luck in your endeavours and obviously don’t forget to get a handle on your diet for the day.

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