Queen Of Pop

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Madonna and Beyoncé, Lady Gaga who is the Queen of POP ! On Monday August 20, the 35th MTV Music Awards will occur at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Also, despite the fact that Madonna is known as the Queen of Pop, this title of respectability rather fits to Bey, at any […]

Online Markerting

Voice Search and Digital Marketing

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In the past couple of years, voice search has started to become more and more popular. Google have reported that 20% of all search now comes from voice rather than manual text, whilst Microsoft have reported as many as 33% of their searches are voice. With a variety of companies offering consumers the ability to […]


Why Healthy Eating is Really Important for your Fitness? 

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Have you noticed that recently there has been this huge hype about organic and whole foods? This hype really has got everyone thinking about which foods are healthy and which aren’t. Most convenience stores and supermarkets have created completely separate wholefood isles! But the question here really is; how beneficial are these organic wholefoods? Is […]