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Voice Search & The Impact it is Having on SEO

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Optimise you website for voice search.

OK Google, How do I Optimise SEO for Voice? The changing face of how consumers use the internet is driving growth in new areas, particularly Voice Search. It is now time to adapt. Google’s Behshad Behzadi recently revealed that the voice search is growing faster than type search for the first time, with 40% of […]


Need a Quality Content Writing Service Copywriter

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freelance copywriting

Full SEO Copywriter Service Offered Content and Technical Data Writing Experts  Copywriter can create content but for you to build your website audience, you’ll have to be smarter with the content you publish today One of the greatest challenges that content copywriters and bloggers face is creating copies that are optimised for search engines, and still will […]

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Crystal Infused Water Bottles Fully Explained

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putting crystals in drinking water to infuse

Crystal Infused Water Bottles – The New Wellness Trend Guaranteed To Bring A Sparkle To Your Day Crystal Infused Water Bottles You read that right, the hot new product on the wellness scene is taking the infuser water bottle to the next level.   The concept is simple. for Crystal Infused Water Bottles so Gemstones are built into […]


Best Step by Step Video Creation Guide

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Best Step by Step Video Creation Information The process of Film production by creating Live Videos- Animation & Whiteboard Videos Video background and a quick overview why your website needs it Over recent years the phasing out of desktop computers and laptops has begun with more and more people using smart phones and tablets than ever. […]